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Air quality

Credit: Marcus Ressl

Credit: Marcus Ressl


Rapidly Deployable PM Measurements

We have been working with Shantanu Jathar's group in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at Colorado State University to develop an easily deployable PM measurement system centered on the POPS optical particle counter. The system has a solar panel and battery system to enable 24-hour mesaurements of aerosol size distributions.


Spatial Mapping of Aerosol Size Distributions

Using the solar-powered POPS system, the Jathar group will be carrying out a series of simultaneous size distribution measurements at multiple locations to examine aerosol transportation mechanics and evolution of particle size over different spatial scales.

Credit: Marcus Ressl

Credit: Marcus Ressl


Indoor Air Quality (HOMEChem)


Handix Scientific recently leant 4 of our POPS particle counters to the HOMEChem study, which was a large project examining the chemistry of the indoor environment. Prof. Delphine Farmer's group (Chemistry, Colorado State University) operated the instruments, and deployed them in different rooms in the test house to examine particle transport patterns and timescales, which will help researchers understand how emissions in different areas of the home can affect occupants.