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Handix Scientific is a research and development company focusing on atmospheric aerosol measurements.


4/9/19 We’ve recently been awarded two Phase I SBIR projects focusing on atmospheric instrumentation. The Department of Energy is supporting an effort to develop a small, low-cost cloud condensation nuclei measurement device, which is a collaboration with Dr. Donald Huffman and Prof. Alex Huffman (University of Denver). The Office of Naval Research is also funding a project to develop an open-path cavity ringdown system for measuring atmospheric light extinction at wavelengths relevant for directed energy systems. Please contact us if you are interested in learning more about either topic.


10/9/18 Handix Scientific’s Tim Gordon and Shantanu Jathar's group at Colorado State University were highlighted in a story published by CSU’s Energy Institute on the recently developed solar-powered POPS. Data from the POPS are also pushed to a cloud-based data repository for remote user access. A small network of these sampling stations will be deployed later this year. Thanks to summer students Shiva Tarun and Liam Lewane for driving this effort!

5/14/18     Dr. Tim Gordon has delivered four POPS systems to Colorado State University, where they will be used in the "Home Observations of Microbial and Environmental Chemistry (HOMEChem)" project next month.

5/3/18     Handix Scientific's Gavin McMeeking recently returned from a trip to Beijing, China, together with Colorado State University's Dr. Ezra Levin. They assisted a group in setting up a continuous flow diffusion chamber for continuous measurements of ice nucleating particles. Results from these measurements will be shown at the upcoming International Aerosol Conference

5/1/18      Handix Scientific was awarded a Phase I STTR grant by the US Department of Energy to develop a new method of measurement of ice nucleating particles in collaboration with Clemson University.


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